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When to create a user account

I haven't had much time to spend on the site lately. I have been noticing that there are some "bots" or "kiddie" scripts that have been trying to abuse the site, however.

Due to this, I have changed account creation to require administrator approval. Sorry for the inconvenience.

User accounts are only needed if you intend to post content or get involved with modifying/adding themes in the SVN repository.

My plans for this site were never for social networking, so unless you plan on getting involved with theming, you shouldn't need to create an account here. Just enjoy the themes. ;-)

e16 downloads

For those interested, there have been 33,462 e16 themes downloaded from this site during June and July.

There were a few IP's that seemed to download everything three or four times over (not sure what that was about). But still.. there seems to be a descent amount of interest in e16.

There are a couple of new themes for you to play with.

JavaSteel is a remake/replacement for what used to be known as Metal. For those of you that have used Metal before you'll appreciate the near complete rewrite. ;-)

ThiNicE has been submitted by Sven. It was created a couple of years ago and is a nicely done, clean, e16 theme. It's original name didn't do it justice so I've taken the liberty to give it a more elegant and descriptive name.

e16-1.0.0 is now out!

Hooray enlightenment!

There is a couple of really cool new features in regards to theming that Kim has implemented on my request (thanks Kim!).

One of which was to implement a method for beveling tiled images (as explained in the announcement).

The other (and equally as cool, but unfortunately not mentioned in the announcement) is the ability to flip and rotate images with image class syntax. Now you don't have to needlessly save additional copies of images that have nothing different about them other than rotation or flipping/mirroring.

I hope to find time to get back to theme documentation for e16 and elaborate more on the details soon. And of course, an explanation on how to setup a theme for font-aliases.

Apache was never the problem!

So it turns out that apache wasn't just spontaneously stopping. The whole server was! Apache was just not set to "auto-start" at boot-up.

The ISP I co-locate with was experiencing some power difficulties in addition to one of the modules of this servers dual power-supply is bad.

Apache is now set to auto-start and it shouldn't take me too long to get a new power-supply module ordered.

*Mental Note* next time, pay attention to the servers uptime. ;-)

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