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Apache problem.

You'll have to forgive me while I work through an apache bug. The server seems to be stopping every few weeks without any trace as to why.

If the site seems down, don't worry I'm not going offline. Just check back later. Hopefully I'll have this fixed soon.

New RSS feed now includes forum comments!

In order to keep track of any forum threads we may have interest in, I've implemented a new RSS feeder that includes comments rather than just the forum topics.. Yea!

To use it click on the RSS feed icon at the bottom of a forum thread your interested in.

Forums to the frontpage please!

I figured I'd have forum topics pass through the front page so they get more visibility. Feel free to comment.

URL transition completed

The URL transition is finished. All the components of this website are now primarily accessible via I'll leave active for a few months before discontinuing it but please update your bookmarks/RSS feeds.

Anyone with an SVN repository checked out under the old URL will need to do another checkout from the new URL and migrate any changes manually.

Transitioning to a new URL - New subversion web view

I liked the original URL "" because it fits with what I'm trying to accomplish; to make theming more efficient. ...but, it is a little long and doesn't contain popular keywords used in search engines.

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