Epplets & Desktop buttons

Are epplets still being developed? And what's the official word on desktop buttons (like the ones in NiX, 23Oz etc...)

Epplets & Desktop Buttons

Epplets are still supported by Kim. I have plans on documenting them in the Book section of the website eventually (unless someone beats me to it), but have primarily been focused on theme fundamentals first.

Themes that have implemented desktop buttons still contain the images and syntax to re-enable them, but they are not enabled by default. For those themes that had them, they are contained in a folder called desktopbuttons.

For the most part, desktop buttons were used to call specific applications such as a terminal emulator. The problem is that not everyone uses the same terminal emulator.. There is aterm, Eterm, xterm, gnome-terminal, etc.. So, what they launched wasn't always appropriate, or even available.

I was trying to avoid the hand editing that was necessary for some themes. e16's menu generation does a pretty good job locating software these days, so the current state of desktop buttons just seemed a bit riged.

I like the look of many of the desktop buttons, but its their inflexible nature that pushed me into keeping them disabled by default. I'm trying to keep the themes as trouble free as possible "out of the box."

For those that want them, it's a trivial exercise to re-enable them. :) I think its still fine to create them too.

Kim - Any comments?