All those old X11 fonts

Not sure if this has been discussed here before, but would it be a good idea to store all those old X11 fonts in a repository here too?

Just seems to make sense that people will then be able to view the themes as they were intended with all the puzzle pieces in one place.

The DR16 era is a snapshot of GNU/Linux history. I'm sure that's why this repository exists and those fonts seem to be part of that history.

just a suggestion :)

Where in the www?

I have most of them (I think).

I've got the LFP (fix/var), the jmk font collection, the artwiz collection, my angular collection and a few others. Debian seem pretty reliable when it comes to keeping packages over time so a little bit of digging should uncover anything that's missing, as a Debian user this is where I get most of the fonts from any way. The LFP is still available on Sourceforge, there may be a few others up there too.