All those old X11 fonts

Not sure if this has been discussed here before, but would it be a good idea to store all those old X11 fonts in a repository here too?

Just seems to make sense that people will then be able to view the themes as they were intended with all the puzzle pieces in one place.

The DR16 era is a snapshot of GNU/Linux history. I'm sure that's why this repository exists and those fonts seem to be part of that history.

just a suggestion :)

Sounds good - make it happen + non-e16 related themes?

I was leaning towards /misc/fonts/xfonts as well. Since you've already got the bulk of the fonts, please feel free to make it happen. ;-)

So far all other themes here have had an e16 theme counterpart.. because my initial focus for all this has been e16. I felt it was just time to pick up some pieces from the Internet and dust them off. I still use it on production servers because of its low memory footprint yet still (even after all these years) esthetically cool look.

My intentions were never to restrict everything to e16 though. For now that's just where my focus has been.

I have collected lots more Audacious/(XMMS) and Gkrellm themes that I could add to the repository. I was waiting till I turned my attention to those application's before deciding what to do with them.

I could add them _now_ if you have an interest in them.