Like described in the 'history' section of this site, the primary reason all this started was to cleanup and standardize e16 themes in order to make them more functional. For the most part the themes found here are now much more defined and predictable. There is still work that needs to be done on many of the themes (such as the addition of certain border types).

Since gkrellm2 and Eterm are two applications commonly found running together with e16, their matching themes have been collected and added into the repository.

The repository on this site is the first public repository. The one I used initially for the many incremental changes, I consider to be a scratch-pad and not worth public exposure.

For information on the syntax and layout themes found here follow, check out the Books section of the website.

I'm still the primary effort behind much of what's happening here, but am hopeful to find a few more people interested in contributing.