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Well, it's been an age...

New themes are being created! No! Really!!

I had been working like a secret Ninja on some themes for E17, but I cant seem to wrap my head around edje and looking at it for a long time and feeling stupid is not a lot of a fun experience.

So, while I patiently wait for a UI to handle the edge code and rather than let all this work gestate for an even longer period of time, I have been busy creating stuff, e16 stuff.

CarbonEsque is one release that's up at deviantart.com and bare minimum is slowly resembling something usable. It does need a lot more work, it also looks far too *box for it's own good. I think I'm down to the epplets and a final decision regarding the border widgets, then we're all go for release :D

e16 Titlebar font padding

Somewhere along the way e16 drew the fonts at a horizontally central point within the title bars. This means that a lot of the themes I have created are going to need fixing to get the font alignment right.

I have set out a few goals for myself and my themes.

1. Fix title bar font alignment.
2. Update all ABOUT documents to include current contact/web information.
3. Fix all those small things that just bug me about the themes themselves.

After this is done I'll look into getting some new content up here.

Themes and Things


After a considerable time-out I figured it was time to get my theme hat back on and try to rectify a few of the old issues. I have made a fair few themes over time and some of them could do with some tidying up. One of the most prominent examples of this is the widget set in Phlat, those are the most mouse illusive widgets I have ever made. There are also some graphical issues that need some serious cleaning up, as well as all those things that I'm just not happy with.

There are also a few other themes that never made a release.

Urban Futuristic
Steel Circus
Bare Minimum (Working Title)

All of these themes were being saved for the release of DR17, but as most of the work has already been done I figured I may as well get them up together and share them with everyone.

On top of this a new standard is emerging, which means it's time to iron out as many issues as possible regarding font compatibility. Back in the way back we all just threw the fonts in regardless of character sets. No one seemed too bothered about users machines either. I'm notorious for creating themes with fonts that only I had, either that or a heavy dependency on the artwiz collection. It's things like this that I'm looking to fix.

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