Definitions - Keywords and Macro's

What are they?

The syntax of e16's configuration files are primarily nothing but keywords and macros. Otherwise you would be looking at a lot of numbers without much insight as to what's going on.

A keyword represents the numerical instructions e16 uses to operate and a macro groups keywords together. A macro can also be similar to a function, in that you can pass in parameters.

The file that defines these keywords and macros is located at [INSTALL_BASE]/share/e16/config/definitions where [INSTALL_BASE] is primarily /usr but may vary depending on your installation or distribution.

You'll be learning many of them throughout this howto but if you'd like to see what they all are, go crack open that file.

How they get instantiated

The first line in any e16 base configuration file needs to include the definitions file like this:

#include <definitions>

Files that are included by a base configuration file do not need to include the definitions again.

Just about every keyword and macro you will see in a theme's configuration, comes from this file. There are a few exceptions in which some themes define their own macros, however, if it's worth being defined then it should be in this file for all themes to take advantage of and standardize on.

The first definition in all base config files

The second line in any base config file should be:


Where X is an integer (currently either 0 [zero] or 1 [one]) that defines which version of configuration data e16 is reading from the file.

(need to find exact version that "__E_CFG_VERSION 1" is valid in)