Themes for your Enlightenment! (e16)

Historically has been the place to get e16 themes. However, sometime in April 2009, a site redesign had purged that content. A few years before that, I had started a project to find and conform e16 themes in order to improve their usability.

The themes found here are a result of that project. Additionally they all have been retro-fitted with a new feature known as 'font-aliases' (implemented by Kim Woelders) that greatly improves e16's font support.

You can get e16 themes from this site a couple of different ways. The easiest is to visit the download page and grab any compressed *.etheme packages you'd like.

To install, place them in ~/.e16/themes and they will appear in e16's "themes" list. Select your new theme and e16 will take care of the rest.

The other way is directly from the git repository from which they are maintained. Visit the usage page for how to install using git.

If you'd like to take a look at what the themes look like before you download them then feel free to visit our previews page.

More information about themes can be found in the e16 forum's.

If your interested in learning how to create your own theme then take a look at the online documentation (still under construction though).