Transitioning to a new URL - New subversion web view

I liked the original URL "" because it fits with what I'm trying to accomplish; to make theming more efficient. ...but, it is a little long and doesn't contain popular keywords used in search engines.

It was also a '.com' which is indicative of a 'company' resource and not what this project is all about. This is an open source effort and is all about 'us'.

So "themes" is a much more commonly used search term, "effx" is a "play on" or shortened form of effect and I do believe that themes do effect "us" (

They give us an ability to express ourselves, to others, show a mood or season, or just plain entertainment.

In this transition I'm also taking the opportunity to add a more feature full web view-port to our subversion repository that additionally allows RSS feeds for us to keep track of the themes we're interested in.

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