Font standards

E16 themes have many choices when it comes to font setup.

X Font (normal/multibyte)


In order for a theme to be functional on as many distributions as possible, which choice would be the most effective? Should we limit the themes here to a standard set (possibly UTF8) for the best support? If so which ones would be good candidates?

...but should fonts still be defined by the themes?

Ok - so font aliases is definitely the way to go (no surprise there!). I'm wondering if preserving the original fonts is really worth while though.

Most theme engines treat fonts as a "user" option anyways. Which in e16's case would mean defining your own font alias file in ~/.e16

Perhaps in the future an additional component could be designed (similar to e16keyedit) that would help select fonts and write the ~/.e16/fonts.cfg.* file.

Edox still uses TTF's distributed with the theme though. How big of an exercise would it be to port font aliases to Edox?

So by default all themes would inherit e16's default font (easily changed system wide by changing the bold.ttf and normal.ttf sym-links).