Font standards

E16 themes have many choices when it comes to font setup.

X Font (normal/multibyte)


In order for a theme to be functional on as many distributions as possible, which choice would be the most effective? Should we limit the themes here to a standard set (possibly UTF8) for the best support? If so which ones would be good candidates?

Font alias suggestion

I've spent a little time writing a script that will help convert the current textclasses.cfg files into one that supports the font alias structure.

Currently Winter's font alias file is:

font-default "bold/7"
font-border "bold/7"
font-coords "bold/7"
font-dialog "normal/7"
font-dialog-hilite "normal/8" /* ??? */
font-epplet "normal/6"
font-epplet-small "normal/6"
font-epplet-medium "normal/8"
font-epplet-large "normal/10"
font-focus "bold/7"
font-iconbox "bold/7"
font-init "bold/8"
font-menu "normal/7"
font-pager "bold/7"
font-tooltip "bold/7"

...which details the fonts to be used with a descriptor of where (ie. font-coords) The textclasses.cfg file is already defining "where" (ie. a textclass named COORDS) so it's a little redundant (or perhaps misleading if not used in the right places).

Are there any problems with the following; defining them by size and weight instead?

font-small "normal/6"
font-medium "normal/7"
font-large "normal/8"
font-xlarge "normal/10"

font-bold-small "bold/7"
font-bold-medium "bold/8"
font-bold-large "bold/9"
font-bold-xlarge "bold/10"

The list is smaller because the sizes and weights are not defined multiple times and it more accurately describes the font.