Font standards

E16 themes have many choices when it comes to font setup.

X Font (normal/multibyte)


In order for a theme to be functional on as many distributions as possible, which choice would be the most effective? Should we limit the themes here to a standard set (possibly UTF8) for the best support? If so which ones would be good candidates?

Re: ...but should fonts still be defined by the themes?

IMO it would be nice to preserve the original fonts. Not because it is particularly useful but because it's fun to see the original themes.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for someone to write an e16 font configuration utility.

Aargh.. edox... I'm not much inclined to mess with edox. It doesn't support xft/pango anyway. I'd rather maybe merge it into e16. Or better yet - just leave it as is :)

I consider e16's default font to be xft:sans.