Border standards

With all the possibilities E16 has for borders, what types/names should be considered "the standard set".

Border standards

My thoughts around "border standards" (and theme standards in general) has been to add consistency so that theme transitions occur a little more smoothly.

For example: Many themes define PAGER border types differently. Some might have them designed to sit on the right or left edge of your screen, so when you flip between those themes you'll need to continually swap the screen edge your pagers sit on.

This is in part why I've altered the themes in this repository to include the screen edge they're designed for (such as PAGER_TOP, PAGER_BOTTOM, PAGER_LEFT, PAGER_RIGHT). It's my desire to go back through the themes at some point and add any missing screen edges to the *PAGER* borders so that pagers will always be able to sit on the screen edge the user wants and not be limited to what the theme has been designed for.

Now that I see that the code may be calling for the PAGER border style I'm not so sure of that decision. I suppose that DEFAULT will always be a fall back but that's not really elegant to have pager borders changing back to DEFAULT borders either.

Many of the themes have defined ICONBOX as nothing more than BORDERLESS renamed. If I wanted my ICONBOX to be borderless I'd change the border to be BORDERLESS. I'd like to see those themes get a *real* ICONBOX border.. ;-)

As far as FIXEDSIZE or FIXED_SIZE, that's an easy search and replace operation to change and in great part why I've gone down the "standards" road with all the e16 themes here. Would that mean that you'd like to see border types defined without the use of underscores in general?

There are other themes that via the windowmatches.cfg file define:

Should they be defining a DIALOG border style based on the fact that code will be asking for it too?