Border standards

With all the possibilities E16 has for borders, what types/names should be considered "the standard set".

Border standards

PAGER should definitely be there. Maybe it should just be what the theme originally intended. Then if you want a specific variant then you can change the border style to get that.

Seen from my point of view it is a valid themer decision to make the default iconbox borderless :)

FIXEDSIZE/FIXED_SIZE - The choice should just be what causes least trouble. On second thought it is probably the latter as it has been in matches.cfg in ages.
I'm definitely not against underscores in border types in general.

USE_BORDER_...("Enlightenment_Dialog", "FIXED_SIZE") - This should override the default "DIALOG" border for dialogs and select the "FIXED_SIZE" one in stead. Hmm... yeah, why not?