Border standards

With all the possibilities E16 has for borders, what types/names should be considered "the standard set".

Border standards

...Ok, themes will have a PAGER border. Perhaps it would still be useful to have the PAGER border be unique to the same screen edge though. This would help with the problem described earlier when switching between themes and having your pager borders flip-flopped.

I suppose your right about borderless iconboxes. There are some themes that have a very nice look to them. However, there are others that the theme designer(s) have claimed *unfinished* (according to the theme notes) and the borderless iconbox just looks out of place. I hope to see each of these themes reach a level of completeness either by me or someone else that takes an interest in it. A BORDERLESS Iconbox will be an acceptable design choice though.. ;-)

FIXED_SIZE it is then...

If windowmatches.cfg is used to override the DIALOG border (like the example we're talking about), wouldn't it still be important to define a DIALOG border anyways since it's embedded in the code. In other words won't e16 still ask for the DIALOG border in some circumstances even though windowmatches.cfg is setup to override it?

One more thing...

Currently we can alter the properties of a border/window to be "fixed_size" and even "fixed_position". After doing so actionclasses are overridden so the window behaves as expected but the cursors then incorrectly reflect the action (or lack thereof). If you (via code) could also override cursor changes as well as the action then this would eliminate the need for creating fixed border types designed specifically for this purpose.

Menu borders are another good example of this. In most themes if you hover your mouse over the titlebar or edges the mouse cursor give you the impression that the menu border is movable or re-sizable.