e16-1.0.0 is now out!

Hooray enlightenment!

There is a couple of really cool new features in regards to theming that Kim has implemented on my request (thanks Kim!).

One of which was to implement a method for beveling tiled images (as explained in the announcement).

The other (and equally as cool, but unfortunately not mentioned in the announcement) is the ability to flip and rotate images with image class syntax. Now you don't have to needlessly save additional copies of images that have nothing different about them other than rotation or flipping/mirroring.

I hope to find time to get back to theme documentation for e16 and elaborate more on the details soon. And of course, an explanation on how to setup a theme for font-aliases.

another theme for your collection

Hi there,

a few years ago I created my own theme. If you like it, you can download it here:

Btw. I'll finish my studies in the next weeks. So I'm not sure, when they will drop my homepage. If you want, you can put my theme to your collection here on this site.



I've downloaded it and will add it to the list.

I think you did a good job though, so the title is a bit misleading ;-). Would you mind if I came up with a more elegant name?

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