Adjusted themes for UTF-8 compliance

below are some of my modest attempts:
Download page (Note: these themes do not use font-aliases and are not from this site. /Don)

"Lave" have a fixed border and the rest are reconfigured to use the default fonts (symlinks). It's enough to point this symlinks to the DejaVu fonts (for example) to eliminate all UTF-8 related issues.

all of this is done because "fonts.xft.cfg" simply doesn't work and no correct symbols are displayed for my locale.


Re: Best practice is to use font-aliases.

I already have "cured" the Phlat theme (and all other themes found here). You need to use the Phlat theme from this site, then font-aliases should work as I explained.

Most e16 themes found elsewhere are not designed to use font-aliases.