Adjusted themes for UTF-8 compliance

below are some of my modest attempts:
Download page (Note: these themes do not use font-aliases and are not from this site. /Don)

"Lave" have a fixed border and the rest are reconfigured to use the default fonts (symlinks). It's enough to point this symlinks to the DejaVu fonts (for example) to eliminate all UTF-8 related issues.

all of this is done because "fonts.xft.cfg" simply doesn't work and no correct symbols are displayed for my locale.


best window manager of all time (as of Dec 2011)

e16 (enlightenment) was my first experience of what a personal computer could be like (graceful) and the power, was unforgettable.

it came as a standard wm on Mandrake 7.1 helium edition and ive been running it ever since.

sure, ive tried to like e17, but nothing ever brought the minimalistic presence of nothing on my desktop but a mouse pointer.

and that pointers menus (and Eterm) is all i ever needed (and still need)
kuddos for putting up a forum.

now, lets get a revival of e16 users